March 2007 – November 2007

This 185,000 sq ft facility had a very aggressive construction schedule: 8 months from start to finish. Arctic Engineering was selected to provide installation of the HVAC equipment, Sheetmetal, and Plumbing for the entire facility. Since the height of the facility is over 140 ft., a portion of the HVAC installation was accomplished with the assistance of a helicopter; setting and installing the (29) heating and cooling units on the roof. In addition to the rooftop units, the following equipment was also installed:

  • (6) Heat Pumps,
  • (7) Split Systems,
  • (5) Hot Water Heaters,
  • (3) Cabinet Heaters,
  • (1) Air Compressor utilized for the shooting gallery, Boilers for the snow melt system located at the main entrance, and Chillers critical for the life support system of the aquariums. Our Sheetmetal Division provided for all ductwork throughout the facility and our Service Division provided for all the equipment start-up procedures and ongoing maintenance.

Our Plumbing Division was responsible for all underground and above-ground sanitary and stormwater piping. Due to the height of the building, the plumbers found themselves installing 10” cast iron downspouts 40’ in the air.


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